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Walter Reuther

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Joseph Kazubek

Legal Practitioner, Notary Public

Licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2018, Whom currently practicing within the Hamilton and surrounding area. 

In 2018, Joseph ran a Social Justice focused campaign candidate in hopes to achieve a seat as Ward 7 city Councillor and make some real changes for the little voices that seem to always fall on uncaring ears. 

Even thought the campaign came to an end and was unsuccessful, the battle hasn't. He continues the fight for poverty reduction, social injustice and equality among all class levels.

Joseph has spoken publicly against unfair banking practices, and to end predatory lending. He also focuses on supporting a living wage for all, and amendments to the employment standard act to shift the power, in hopes that the ever growing working class pool whom earn less then $15 an hour are finally giving the tools to provide for their families, maintain a healthy lifestyle and are treated fairly at work.